Indian Metis Christian Fellowship
Vision 12 x 18"

Vision 12 x 18"



La vision

Image #3 from: ‘ Kisê-manitow Omiyikowisiwin – The Creator’s Gift’

Ovide Bighetty, 2007; copyright with Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Text adapted from Matthew 1: 19-24

Illustration No 3 de Kisê-manitow Omiyikowisiwin – Le cadeau du Créateur

Ovide Bighetty, 2007; copyright avec l’Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Texte adapté de Mathieu 1: 19-24

Mary was engaged to Joseph. When he saw that she was pregnant, he decided to cancel the marriage. The Creator’s messenger said to him, “She has conceived by the Creator’s power. She will have a son. You will name him Jesus because He will save the world.”

This reproduction is 12" x 18" and printed on acid free paper. The third in a series of 17 prints.