Indian Metis Christian Fellowship
The Weight Of Our Sins 12 x 18"

The Weight Of Our Sins 12 x 18"

The Weight Of Our Sins

kosikwanwa kimacihtiwininawa

« Le poids de nos péchés »

From ‘Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin – The Creator’s Sacrifice’,

Ovide Bighetty, 2002; Copyright with Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Acrylic on canvas, 106.68cm x 137.16cm (42 x 54 in.)

Matthew 27: 31b-32

Mark 15: 20b-21

Luke 23: 26

John 19: 17

Some warriors put a tree trunk on Jesus’ back saying, “We will hang him on this.” Weakened from the beatings and whippings, Jesus fell to the ground from the weight of the trunk. A man slave from another tribe was there; the warriors seized him, put the tree on his back and made him carry it behind Jesus.

This product is 12" x 18" and printed on acid free paper. The ninth in a series of 17 prints.