Indian Metis Christian Fellowship
The Holy Child is Born 12 x 18"

The Holy Child is Born 12 x 18"

The Holy Child Is Born

okihcihtwâw-awâsis nihtâwikiw

Le saint enfant est né

Image #5 from: ‘ Kisê-manitow Omiyikowisiwin – The Creator’s Gift’

Ovide Bighetty, 2007; copyright with Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Text adapted from Luke 2: 6-7

Illustration No 5 de Kisê-manitow Omiyikowisiwin – Le cadeau du Créateur

Ovide Bighetty, 2007; copyright avec l’Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Texte adapté de Luc 2: 6-7

When Joseph and Mary arrived at his home land all the lodges were filled with people. The only place Joseph could find was a small shelter at the edge of the village. The sacred child was born and Mary wrapped him in cloths and laid him beside her in the shelter.

This reproduction is 12" x 18" and printed on acid free paper. The fifth in a series of 17 prints.