Indian Metis Christian Fellowship
Step 11 Be Content 12 x 18"

Step 11 Be Content 12 x 18"

Step 11 Be Content
Acknowledge and give thanks for the blessings you have received. Be content with your own possessions and honour the family and property rights of other people. Learn that you and your possessions do not belong to you, but to the Creator.

pêyakosâp tahkoskêwin 

nisitawêyihta êkwa nanâskomo kâ-isi-sawêyimikowisiyan ohci.  nahêyihta kîkwaya kâ‑ayâyan êkwa kistêyihta kâ-isi‑wîtisânihitocik mîna otipiyawêwiniwâwa. 
kâ‑tipêyihcikêt ana wiya ê‑awihisk kahkiyaw kîkway kâ-ayâyan.

Étape 11 Considère-toi comblé
Prends conscience des bienfaits que tu as reçus et rends grâce pour cela. Sois satisfait de ce que tu possèdes et honore les droits de la famille et des biens d’autrui. Apprends que toi-même et tes biens ne t’appartiennent pas, mais qu’ils appartiennent au Créateur.

This product is 12" x 18" and printed on acid free paper. The eleventh of 12 prints in this series.