Indian Metis Christian Fellowship
Peter's Failure 12 x 18"

Peter's Failure 12 x 18"

Peter’s Failure

Peter onôhtêpayiwin

« La faiblesse de Pierre »

From ‘Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin – The Creator’s Sacrifice’,

Ovide Bighetty, 2002; Copyright with Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Acrylic on canvas, 106.68cm x 137.16cm (42 x 54 in.)

Matthew 26: 67-75

Mark 14: 66-72

Luke 22: 54-65

John 18: 15-18, 25-27

In the dark, Peter had followed the crowd and stood a short distance away in the shadows. Three times different people came to him and said, “You were with that man who claims to be the Creator’s Son.” He denied it each time, swearing that he did not know Jesus. Then Peter saw the rising sun and remembered Christ’s words. He went away and wept. 

This product is 12" x 18" and printed on acid free paper. The fifth in a series of 17 paintings.